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In less than 10 years the volume and variety of emojis have skyrocketed. Today, 95% of humans online have used emojis, making it the internet’s most popular language.  

A picture is worth a thousand words and now the picture is part of your domain: Emoji domains transcend language and stand out as the ultimate marketing tool to increase brand recognition and customer acquisition

Brands are socially engaging with their audience using Emojis across social media platforms, and even in their marketing & advertising.

Our goal and your goal is that when people

see a certain emoji,

your brand will come to mind !

Be part of the

Emoji domains revolution!

Launch a campaign that involves these pretty awesome domains!

You can also use them to forward to websites, apps and social media pages such as:         

Window of opportunity

to stand out before emoji domains become normalized

Emoji SEO (its a thing), supported by all major search engines

Transcend all languages

(emoji is on more smartphones than any other single language)

Speak the language

of your audience - the youth

We are more engaging (more conversions)

Emoji are native to social media platforms where people are spending significant time

We are short

And therefore, highly memorable

People love

(are obsessed with) Emoji

Emoji domains In the news

"Emoji could soon take over domain names. Thanks to a search engine from GoDaddy"

Brands who already own Emojiurl

MGM Grand

Frank Body

Warby Parker




Sony Pictures

We will be happy to explain why Emoji Domains are valuable marketing assets.

And to demonstrate the similarities of those domains to the branded ones that has

a huge success as url shorteners, such as, or

No matter where you use them, Emoji URLs are an opportunity to give your links more meaning, increase Top-of-mind awareness, drive more clicks, and give your brand a little extra love 😘

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    Brands are using emojis to communicate with their target audience, to infiltrate their mobile phones, to demonstrate that they are on top of the latest communications trends. - "The Guardian" -

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