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Most people have no idea they can just type emoji in their address bar and go to a domain.

... and yet, here you are.

Feels pretty good, doesn't it?

You know... to be all cool and cutting edge and stuff. 

Why Emojis 

Register an Emoji Domain Name. 
Put Emojis in your URL.

Simply register an emoji domain name here, point the emoji domain towards your site, and as if by magic, you've rigged up a site that visitors can reach by merely typing a string of faces, foods, and animals into their url! Emojis domain names - emojis in your url - how cool is that?!

Emoji Domain Names Are Supported By 
All Major Search Engines.

That's right, emoji domain names are fully supported by all major search engines! That means, no matter the platform visitors use, they will always be able to search for and click on your colorful emoji url to arrive at your site!

How it works

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