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How it works

Why Emojis 

More Questions?


Websites galley at GoDaddy emoji project (by Jon Roig):


Emoji in SEO article:

Emoji Report- by brandwatch:




Why not in dot COM?


Why .WS?

.ws, as the official registry partner of the government of Western Samoa are the first in the world to support Emoji Domain Names.

More info:


As a ccTLD, they're free to experiment, try new things, be pioneers and that is why they accepted the usage of the idn that are emojis (same as Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese etc).

Dot com, dot net, dot org... as well as all nTLD's .club and .online domain extensions -- they're gTLDs,

bound by ICANN rules. and ICANN stopped the option in 2008 to register Emoji IDN under dot com etc.

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